About Han's CNC

Han's CNC science and technology Co., Ltd (herein after referred to as Han's CNC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Han's laser (stock name: Han's laser, stock code: 002008), and Han's CNC is a high-tech corporation integrated with technology research, development, manufacturing and sales, specialized in developing and manufacturing “HANS” series PCB laser equipments and PCB CNC Driller & Routers which are leading in domestic market. Integrated with laser technology, mechanics, electronics, computer, pneumatics and optics, “HANS” series PCB laser equipments and PCB CNC Driller & Routers are professional equipments in PCB industry, widely applied in precision drilling and milling of abnormal slots, holes and frames. The company obtained ISO-9001 quality certificate in 2006.
Han's CNC always advocates “Team-working, treasuring of talented people, innovate intrepidity in new material, new technology and new technics”. Currently Han's CNC have a number of experts with many years of experiences in CNC technology development and production, 65% of company staff are science and technology personnel, and all R&D professional are holding undergraduate degrees or above. Management faith of Han's CNC aims in excellence of quality and sincerity in satisfying services.

Han's CNC keeps improving product quality, adopting advanced, high precision inspection equipment, holding strict quality inspection of every component, and limit-speed inspection and overtime operating inspection of entire machine, which guarantees high speed, high precision and high stability. Han's CNC shares Han's Laser's strong technical support and post-sell service network in China. Therefore, where there is “HANS” series PCB equipments, there is Han's CNC strong technical support and unmatchable service!

With the electron numeric era' coming, we will do our utmost and make great efforts to produce high performance, high precision “HANS” series PCB equipments, explore domestic and overseas market, improve the technology level of China PCB CNC driller and miller field, build up national brand of PCB leading equipments and prepare for the coming of automatization production of China PCB industry.
Production workshop of Han's CNC covers around 3500 m2, which is spacious, bright, tidy and ordered. We have fixed production lines covering 2- station, 4-station, 6-station drilling machine, linear motor drilling machine, laser driller and laser routing machine. CNC drilling machine, laser drilling machine and laser routing machine with internal best and international first class level are all made from this floor.
Research & Develop
Han's CNC always advocates “Team-working, treasuring of talented people, innovate intrepidity of new material, new technology and new technics”. For the nonce, Han's CNC have a high professional technical team and stable think tank with high education background and rich experiences, with professional fields like mechanics, material, optics, auto-control, electric information engineering, software, machine vision and so on. There are some high academic authority experts who work on machine design, auto-control and laser technology research for many years, and some midlife scholars who have great practice experiences in boom technology, CCD technology, numeral photo processing and computer software technology, all of above build up a young sound structure technical development team. Han's CNC have couples of national technical achievements, nearly twenty patents and one hundred newly applied patents for invention and software copyrights, and many patents for invention and utility models are under applying!