Cutter-3ls PP Cutter
Main features
PP laser cutter splits the PP materials with high energy of CO2 laser beams:
Adjustable cutting laser power
Adjustable cutting speed
Adjustable cutting dimension
PLC controlled, touch screen operation
Three laser units work together to achieve vertical and horizontal cutting function
Automatic material unloading.
Disadvantages of mechanical cutting
Powders generated, serious static electricity problems, hidden safety issues, harmful to environment and operators.
Generated powder leads to sunken defects after pressing.
Edge-bake Process is required after cutting.
Advantages of laser PP cutting
No PP powders generated; equipment operation is safe and reliable; obvious static-electricity elimination effect; harmful to environment and human health.
No sunken defects are generated.
Shorten manufacturing process and cost down (edge bake is unnecessary).
system parameters
Routing precision 2mm
Routing speed 0-30m/min (dajustable)
Routing width 300-1270mm