FPC-666A Flexible Board Professional 6-Station CNC Drilling Machine
Key characteristics
1. FPC-666A is a new machine especially design for flexible board machining.Because adopted the fibre optic timing broken tools detect system,so this machine not only apply for normal board, and especially apply for flexible board.
2. Provide the pressure foot change function, especially for mini-hole processing.
3 .High Precision: Reiteration Precision 0.0025mm,Location Precision0.005mmuse advanced, high precision inspection equipment, Laser interferometer, which can do compensation for air temperature, material temperature, humidity, air pressure under nonideal environment, also keep 1.1ppm system precision and guarantee the whole machine high precision inspection .
4. Machine bed: all machine basic body is made of Taishan Qingorjinan Qinggranite.
5.Precision transmission and direction of guiding system: adopt Imported precision linear guide and ball screws, which make high precision transmission and pitch.
6. Measuring system: Imported grating, distinguish rate is 1m.
7. Automatic tool-change system: wholly use high efficiency automatic exchange tools setup.
8. Tool measuring system: adopt imported tool measuring system, which have tool-length, tool-dia, measuring function.
9. Tools box: With big capability, high interconvert capability and credibility, each spindle can equip 220pcs tool.
10. Spindle:160K high-speed air bearing spindle.
11. Control system and drive system: German SIEB&MEYER CNC.
Technical parameters
Move speed of X,Y axis 50m / min
Maximum move speed of Z axis 30m / min
Capacity of tools box 6-220 pcs
Positioning clamping system smc automatic location clamp
Broken tools detect system Fibre optics broken tools system
Standard spindle ABLAW160A-08
Rev of spindle 160000rpm
Positioning Precision 0.005mm
Reiteration Precision 0.0025mm
Drilling hole precision 0.0254mm
Minimum diameter of drill hole 0.1mm
Maximum diameter of drill hole 6.35mm
Maximum working area 530 x 660mm
Power 380V AC 50/60Hz
Maximum power 11.0KVA
Air Pressure 6.5-7.5bar
Noise <75 dBA
temperature 20±2℃
humidity 45-65%
Outside dimension 4300 mm x 2180mm x 1750mm
Weight 11000 Kg