HANS-F6M all linear moto 6-station cnc drilling machine
key characteristics
High precision: Laser interferometer that is high-precision inspection equipment has been adopted to performance precise inspection over key geometrical motion through assembly process and make compensation for air temperature, material temperature, humidity, air pressure in real environment, so as to keep 1.1ppm system precision and ensure high drilling precision for the entire machine.
Based on the multidisciplinary characteristic of PCB driller, PCB driller digital sample development system has been set up so that design and simulation of multidisciplinary combination is achieved. Product function and performance has been inspected and corrected so that product performance can live up to the performance as it is designed, in which all the conflicts between disciplines can be resolved and the best combination comes true. Thus, product development cycle is largely shortened, product quality improved and system performance enhanced.
Z axis adopts linear motor drive with high performance which improves production capacity greatly.
High-speed linear motor is adopted as X, Y axis direct drive so that the Positioning speed is up to 80m/min, and high precision positioning is achieved.
The independent fast drilling function ensures the stability of fast drilling and effectively increases production capacity.
All base component of the machine adopts “Taishanqing” or “Jinanqing” granite.
Quick insert change function, suitable for micro-hole drilling.
Contact broken tool checking system: real-time checking of broken tool
Blind hold drilling: intensive controlled precision ±25μm
Technical parameters
Positioning speed of X,Y Axis 80m/min
Positioning speed of Z Axis 50m/min
Capacity of tools box 6—220pcs
Measuring system of X,Y,Z axis Imported linear scale, resolution is 1μm.
Positioning clamping system SMC automatic positioning clamp
Broken tools detect system Contact broken tool check
Rev of spindle 180k / 200k
Positioning accuracy ±0.005mm
Reiteration accuracy ±0.0025mm
Drilling accuracy ±0.0254m
Drilling size range 0.1mm-6.35mm
Drilling area 530mm x 660mm
Air pressure 6.5-7.5bar
Power supply 380VAC 50/60 Hz
Maximum power 17.5KVA
Machine dimension 4140mm×2000mm×1550mm
Tool detection system U.K RENISHAW
Control system Sieb&MeyerCNC84