HANS-R4 PCB 4-Station CNC Routing Machine
Key characteristics
1.Control system: German SIEB&MEYER CNC82.00.
2.Transmission and drive parts: adopt Germany STAR high precision linear guide or coordinative precision linear guide.
3.Spindle: 60k precision spindle.
4.Cooling system: SANYO compressor and water pump cooling system.
5.Pneumatic and filtration parts. SMC element.
6.Coupling: use Germany KTR professional coupling.
7.Machine cover: full steel structure cover aggregated international standard professional control box.
8.Advantage of outside cover: 14pcs-tool box and have broken, tool-length measuring function.
9.Matrix mode Auto-unload PIN.
Technical parameters
Machine bed "Taishan Qing" or "Jinan Qing" granite
Control system SIEB & MEYER CNC 82.00
Drive of X,Y axis AKM
Drive of Z AKM
Maximum speed of X,Y axis 25m / min
Move speed of Z axis 15m / min
Measuring system of X,Y axis RENISHAW Linear encoder, minimum resolution is2m
Capacity of tools box 4 x 14 pcs
Standard spindle Precision ball spindle
Rev of spindle 20000 - 60000 rpm
Positioning Precision 0.01mm
Reiteration Precision 0.005mm
Precision of routing 0.05mm
Maximum Routing area 4-560 x 700mm
Power 380V AC 50/60Hz
Maximum power 10KVA
Air Pressure 6.0-6.5bar
Noise 75 dBA
temperature 20±2℃
humidity 45-65%
Tool detect system setting 0.5 mm
Auto-vacuum control yes
Auto-unload matrix mode
Tool seat protection yes
Person safe protection grating yes
oftware can do pin-avoiding function, and can calculate area of drilling pin.
Outside dimension 3250 mm x 2000mm x 1650mm
Weight 7500Kg