HD600D2 CO2Two-beam Two-working-table PCB Laser Drilling machine
Key characteristics
To provide complete and satisfying services for the PCB industry, we have developed HD600B2 laser driller, which is an upgrade of HD600A2. Compared with its previous model, the new driller consists of the CO2 laser with higher performance, optical scanners with faster speed, worktable with higher speed and precision, machine vision system with high accuracy and more stable and dedicated optical system. Based on self-developed control system, this machine features high speed, high efficiency, high precision, super stability and low cost, and has become a preferred choice among PCB laser drilling tools.
Auto-detection of system running status
Auto-correction of scanner accuracy
Detecting function of laser power
Auto-correction of PCB board deformation (X,Y,θ,trapezoid)
Log function of machine processing, easy management
Laser pulse monitoring function (optional)
Automatic measuring of PCB board thickness
Automatic material loading and unloading
Technical parameters
Drilling area 650mm x 550mm x 2
X-axis and Y-axis positioning accuracy ±5μm
Working axis 2
Output power of Laser 400w
Laser pulse frequency 10KHz
Scanning frequency 2700Hz x 2
Scanning accuracy ±15μm
Scan area 57×57mm or 71×71mm
Process model Large Window / Conformal Mask / Cu Direct
Time for Automatic PCB loading/unloading <10sec
Installation condition
Machine dimensions 3930mm×2230mm×2150mm
Weight 8000Kg
Power 18KW
Air pressure required 6 Bar
Compressed air consumption >1000L / min
Dust collecting mouth 3"Dust-absorb mouth X 2
Dust collecting air flow >25000L / min
Environment Temp 21℃±1℃
Environment humidity 55±5%