UVMAKER-D650A Laser Maker
Main Features
UV laser processing provides the same series of advantages as laser cutting does:
Smooth and clean edges, no burrs
High-precision exterior, especially suitable for cutting of smallradius exterior
Little heat impact to PCB and no layers broken
Able to cut boards with different thickness or boards made from different materials in only one step
Able to cut both naked PCB boards or assembled PCB boards
Contact-free processing can avoid material deformation
No dedicated jigs or protection plates required
Automatic aim recognition system ensures high edge precision and accurate positioning
Compared to conventional mold punching technology, UV laser processing has high flexibility and it can reduce mold-tooling and mold-replacing time and save mold cost.
Flexible and convenient working style: cutting materials into any shapes or dimensions at fast speed
Friendly man-machine interface High-precision image positioning system
Built-in automatic power check system
Failure log function Sealed optical path, stable and reliable Integrated closed structure, modularized electronic control system, easy maintenance
Technical Parameters
Type of laser UV(355nm)
Laser beam quantity double beam
Power of laser Max 10W
Routing area 650mm x 550mm x2
Positioning speed of X,Y Axis 30m/min
Scanning Area 50mm x 50mm x2
Air pressure 0.65-0.75 Mpa
Dust collecting requirement >8m3 /min
Power supply 380V 50/60Hz
Maximum power 8.0KW
Machine dimensions 2450mm×2200mm×1740mm
Total weight 7500Kg
Environment temperature 22℃±2℃
Humidity 50-60% dews should be avoided
Foundation shake amplitude <5μm
Vibration acceleration <0.05G
Ground pressure 3500Kgf / m2
System processing precision ±0.100mm (Under Han's Laser's condition)
Application areas: making windows and covers out of rigid-flex PCB (RF).